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How to Eat Well in 2021 2021年如何吃好

Lisa Drayer 莉萨·德雷尔

As most of us await the arrival of new vaccines and the hope for a more healthful way of living, here are some tips to get a jump-start on fueling your body to feel better in 2021.

1. Let your inner wisdom guide your eating

That means shifting your focus from calorie counting and self-judgment of food choices to eating more mindfully and listening to what your body is telling you it wants. If a cookie is going to calm you when you are feeling a bit stressed, it's OK to eat it. But if you are not really hungry, you might stop and think of other things that will help to soothe you. Doing yoga, writing in a journal, taking a shower or calling a friend may also help you feel better.

2. Include immunity-boosting foods in your diet

This year, focus on filling your plate with foods that contain important healing nutrients that can help to keep you healthy. Foods including citrus fruits; orange and green veggies like spinach, kale, sweet potatoes and carrots; eggs; beans; and fatty fish and shellfish are packed with vitamins and minerals that support a healthyimmune system and can help to give you a sense of control over your health.

3. Experiment with new recipes

Cooking at home gives you control over ingredients and also helps you increase your consumption of nutritious foods. It can also give you a feeling of accomplishment and can be a fun way to get kids interested in healthy foods.

4. Plantify your dishes

Eighty percent of chronic diseases we face are preventable and reversible by eating a more plant-based diet. In fact, switching to more plant-based meals and cooking more are the two silver linings of the pandemic. An easy way to incorporate more plants and less meat is to simply “plantify” your favorite dishes. If you have a mean lasagna recipe, skip the meat and add layers of greens, broccoli and peppers and perhaps some pine nuts and cashew cheese instead of the meat and cheese.

5. Choose fiber and protein-rich snacks

Boosting your fiber and protein will help you crave less sugar -- something that will be helpful as we aim to follow the newly released US dietary guidelines that urge us to limit our sugar intake. Enjoying fiber-rich fruit as a snack.

6. Consume more fluids

For optimal health, it's important to stay adequately hydrated. Women should aim to consume 2.7 liters or 91 ounces of fluids daily, and men, 3.7 liters or 125 ounces;these target amounts include all fluids and water-rich foods, such as fruits, vege tables and soups.